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Recent Projects - Narrated by Travis
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Seeing Stars In Indiana - WIPB-PBS Indiana - Online Video
(Winner - TWO 2012 Emmys)
Nature in our backyard - Milbrand Cinema  - Online Video
EncROACHment: NYC's Invasive Roaches - NPR/PRI 
Bonsci Films   -    Online Video
America's National Parks Collection - Questar Entertainment Online Trailer
Santa Cruz Beach Boardwalk - Memories Made Here
Online Video
OR7 - The Journey -  Online Trailer

Journey in Israel - Online Video
Dead Sea Scrolls - Discovery Museum - Online Video
St. Vincents's Medical Center Radio - Los Angeles
The Works Bakery - Morganna Loves Bagels - Online Video

Audio Description for Visually Impared:
The Avengers - Disney / Marvel / Deluxe
Lincoln - Dreamworks/Fox
Wreck it Ralph - Disney
Iron Man 3 - Disney/Paramount
World War Z - Paramount
Oz the Great and Powerful / Disney Deluxe

Award Winning Productions - Narrated by Travis

Transitions Throughout the Lifespan    --    Los Angeles Emmy
Disney Concert Hall/Los Angeles Philharmonic   --   Telly Award
Acura Accessory Sales Program   --  Marcom Creative Award)
Vehicle Emission Concerns   --   Horizon Interactive Award)
Honda Accord Service Campaign   --  Summit Creative Award
...and many others...

Serving Hollywood/Los Angeles, Southern California and the world.

Travis's Bio

Contact Direct:

(818) 588-6635
(949) 675-3404

Representation: San Diego, CA:
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(619) 233-6655


Los Angeles Voice Over Talent Travis adds a bit of magic to a voiceover narration.

Serving Hollywood/Los Angeles, Southern California and the world.

Travis's Bio

Voice Over Talent Travis provides quality voiceover, narration, animation and character voices, for industrial video, multimedia, animation/cartoons, audiobooks, documentary production, corporate video, educational media, movie trailers and commercials. 

Travis is the voice over narrator for award-winning documentaries and motion pictures which have air on PBS and other TV networks.

VO Style: mature, confident, reassuring, sophisticated, intelligent, warm.

Travis's primary voiceover focus is documentary narration, e-learning, web based training (WBT) ,radio and TV commercials, corporate narration and motion picture work  as a trailer announcer and actor for automatic dialog replacement.

Location: Newport Beach / Los Angeles, Orange County, Southern California.
ISDN, Source-Connect,  mp3, CD, Skype w/video etc. 

Travis works from his own broadcast-quality studio in Newport Beach and in studios in Hollywood, Los Angeles, Orange County, and San Diego.

Travis has been inspired over the years by the work of Stan Freburg, Hal Douglas, Ken Nordine, Orson Welles, Hal Riney, Chuck Blore, Morgan Freeman, Donald Sutherland, Rod Serling and Jack Webb.

Additional Links: - Orange County, CA Recording Studio Info - Los Angeles, CA / Hollywood Recording Studio Info